Application Toolkit

Interconnected Systems Weave Robust Applications

QBOS, the only solution with cutting-edge Functional Orthogonality

QBOS' rich application sets are connected via a seamless interconnected fabric, called Functional Orthogonality. This capability allows appropriate communications and information, such as finance, sales, service and fullfillment, to flow across functional areas to solution users.

QBOS' extensive functionality is an always available toolset, not a patchwork of disparate applications attempting to coexist, enabling business secure automation that optimizes operations. QBOS application models work together to remove limitations, decrease costs and inspire automation.

  • IT Services extend the appropriate functionality when and where needed without being constrained by the architectural limitations of disparate systems.
  • IT Services deliver cost effective and fully functional BPaaS and SaaS solutions with speed and agility, using the most feature-rich solution set and design capability.
  • Design, model, test, implement, and optimize truly effective Workforce Automation solutions that span functional centers to maximize operations and reduce costs.
  • Extend BPaaS and SaaS Service to clients both internal and external to corporate boundaries in a highly secure environment.