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About QBOS

QBOS Inc. is a leading developer of cloud computing enterprise systems and automation solutions for IT Consulting businesses and Enterprise organizations. Our flagship product, QBOS Platform as a Service (PaaS), the most modern and fully featured platform, empowers companies of all sizes to perform as nimble resilient and highly competitive entities. Our revolutionary Tradespace System Technology™ (TST) unleashes the capability of unprecedented business efficiency, growth and profitability.

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QBOS and the Cloud Computing Market

In April 2011, Forrester Research estimated the global cloud market will grow from $24.5B in 2011 to $159.3B by 2020. Furthermore, Forrester estimated that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will grow from $33B in 2012 to $132B by 2020, representing 26% of the total packaged software market by 2016.

In this emerging market, BPO Consultants, Software Developers, IT Consultants and Enterprises are demanding a rapid development and service creation environment equipped with the most modern and fully featured enterprise application toolkit. Unique to the market BPaaS and SaaS solutions extend into the enterprise affordable, intelligent and virtual new assets that result in sustainable competitive advantages.

QBOS is uniquely positioned to take the lead within the emerging cloud computing market with our revolutionary Tradespace System Technology™ (TST) fueling the most extensible and secure cloud Enterprise System inclusive of Business Process Modeling, Business Process Optimization and Workforce Automation available.

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Our Products

Quick Business Operating Systems (QBOS) provides the most inclusive development platform (PaaS) for the rapid creation of web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) and BPaaS applications. Developers access and leverage QBOS' highly available and secure platform infrastructure and enter a rich development environment that affords the ability to generate, test and extend applications and total vertical solutions to enable effective business operations on time and on budget.

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