QBOS Partner Spotlight

QBOS Partner Spotlight

The QBOS Platform is sold through its distribution channel made up of licensed Master Distributors, Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Independent Sales Representatives (ISRs). If you would like to learn more about the QBOS Platform and how it may transform your business, please contact one of our distributors below. If your company is interested in adding the QBOS Platform to its product or service toolkit, find more information on becoming a partner here, or by contacting us for more information.

National Business Works, LLC

Partner Level:    Master Distributor

NBW provides business analysis, information management and software solutions to healthcare and other industries. NBW has developed several solutions on the QBOS platform including Hospice Management System (HMS). The HMS product manages the entire patient life-cycle including caregiver visits, patient charting, billing and collections (Medicare/Medicaid/Independent Insurers), medications, reporting and more. For information about using the QBOS platform in the healthcare industry, please contact NBW.


Partner Level:    Master Distributor

ProcessNow primarily focuses on serving the Telecommunications and Government services industries. ProcessNow's decades of telecom operations and expertise in the industry best practices combined with the delivery capabilities of the QBOS platform give them a leading edge on providing runbook automation and network operations solutions for multiple industry leaders. For information about how ProcessNow can help with telecom, please contact ProcessNow.

Premier Software Operating Systems (PSOS)

Partner Level:    Master Distributor

PSOS focuses on providing full-life cycle eCommerce sales and provisioning support including: payment processing, online ordering, CRM, warehouse/inventory management and fulfillment, shipping, commissions payouts, IRS-1099 processing (for its clients' external sales representatives) and much more. For information about how QBOS can help you run your online business (from simple sales through complex network markeing models), please contact PSOS.

Jaguar Labs

Partner Level:    Value Added Reseller

Jaguar Labs focuses on serving the Latin American and US markets' growing demand for mobile software development services and solutions for customers large and small, in a variety of industries. For more information on mobilizing your business, please contact Jaguar Labs.

HIH International

Partner Level:    Master Distributor

HIH International focuses on building B2B solutions for ecosystems in multiple industries. For more information, please contact HIH International.

Business Cloud Solutions, LLC

Partner Level:    Value-Added Reseller

BCS focuses on providing solutions for city management, whether it be the automation of a single process or the implementation of BCS' Unified City™ architecture. BCS' workforce automation and city Policy-to-Action™ solutions provided on the QBOS platform help cities stretch their budgets to get more done with their citizens' tax dollars. For more information, please contact BCS.